Women Are Attracted To The Men That Show Their Feelings, But Why? | WOW Date

If you are a fan of the modern romance novels of any genre, you probably noticed guys are usually silent and stoic, and often in a dark mood. Face it, we all adore them. And we adore them even more when they start to open and show emotions. That is because deep inside, females prefer guys who are not afraid to show emotions and who are not ashamed of showing its sensitive and vulnerable side. If you don´t believe me, check this simple reason for that.

It is easier to deal with someone when you know what he feels

During history, men were taught to be strong and not to show emotions, since it was considered to be a sign of weakness. Women are mostly aware men have feelings, but it is much simpler if you show those feelings. Then they can show their feelings too, without feeling embarrassed or guilty for that.

Men and women are different, but not that much

As we said before, men and women were raised to show their emotions in a different way. Not so long ago, men were working and contributing to a family; while women were taking care of children, husband and home. Also, men were taught to shut down emotionally, unlike women. Women prefer that both partners are emotionally involved in a relationship; and it is not just to say it. You have to show it.

It is OK to cry

Big boys don´t cry, right? Wrong. Emotionally is much better to cry if you felt so, than to keep all that negative feelings inside. Women love to see their men are not robots, but human beings with feelings and strong enough to show that feeling.

It is not all black

Since men are often raised to perceive emotions as something negative, it is easy to believe that all emotions are like that. Well, I have good news for you. There are plenty of good emotions, such as fun, happiness, enjoyment, love. Those are the things men love to see on their better halves, so why shouldn’t women feel that way? Don´t be afraid to show your emotions, and sometimes show it not just with words, but also deeds.