Why Is Online Dating Really Popular? | WOW Date

Online dating is an industry growing by the day. I personally use singles dating websites, have been since 2008. But sometimes I take it to the hookup sites too. I think its safe to say the industry has seen some drastic changes in a matter of only 5-6 years. Back in the day, internet dating was considered solace for losers. Only people with lesser chances of finding dates traditionally considered using internet dating.

The means of traditional dating are quite large; church groups, friends of friends, social events or bars. With the worldwide acceptance of MySpace and Facebook, social networking really climbed to the next level and internet dating followed.

Since we stepped into this century, gradually the pattern and the people signing up for online dating changed. Most users would mostly be desperate or really need the attention, only a small percentage was genuinely looking for love. When looking for dates the old fashioned way, you would notice (and probably keep an eye on) almost every guy or girl in a bar may they be rich, preppy or hot snobs. There are dozen types of singles looking for other singles. Online dating websites can be nothing less than a crowded bar. Why you ask?


It is easier to meet people. When going to a bar, you need a fabulous outfit, dramatic make up and all the shenanigans. You hang around the bar, figuring out who to talk to and wait to make a move. When dating online, none of this follows. You simply start talking if you find someone’s profile interesting. Plus, there is always the bonus of convenience and you’re never on the clock since the website doesn’t close, and the odd’s of finding love is increased.

Whether this is healthy or not is a great issue of our time but let’s accept it, we are all addicted to the internet. Personally, I spent 3-4 hours daily on the internet. So I believe it is a good idea to talk to some people while I am online. We spent so much time on the internet and our lives are pretty internet-based these days, which is why social networking and online dating sites have benefited from the fact.

When you meet people at a bar, you can’t pre-screen them. All you will know about them is their looks but on the internet, you can view their profiles and know a whole lot about them and you can be the judge of how compatible you both are. All those before you even meet or talk to them. How cool is that?