Things You Should Avoid Doing On The First Date | WOW Date

For most of us, the moment we get a date we instantly want to impress them. First impressions last, as the saying goes. However, even though the gents try their best to make their date all too special, there are also things to avoid in order not to ruin the magic of the first date. Here are four things to keep in mind whenever you are on your first date with that girl you really like:

Don’t Spend Too Much!

Two words: unrealistic expectations. Of course, on the first date you want to impress her- expensive flowers, expensive car, expensive date, etc. But, it’s not at all practical and not at all necessary. Especially if you want a long term relationship and you’re juggling bills, this should be pretty obvious. Girls would find you pretentious and even worst; they might think that they are girls who can be wowed with money and expensive dates. Don’t be that guy! Instead, opt to something cheaper. Pick some flowers on your way to her, choose a simple yet elegant restaurant, and you could also walk her home. Who knows, you might even be invited in for a “nightcap.” (Innuendo intended).

Too many activities!

It should be clear that you guys are on a date and not on a field trip together. So, cut the exhausting activities for your fifth or sixth date. When on your first date, you would want to talk and get to know your partner. There is no way you can do that while you’re both hurriedly moving from one planned activity to the next. Of course, it doesn’t mean you guys can’t do anything fun. A walk to the park, maybe to the circus, or a concert would be just fine. Just try to limit said activities it to where you guys can be intimate.

Being Too Quiet

Though we consider the idea that woman like to talk- a lot- it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to listen. It can be tiring to talk for hours, especially when the one you are talking to seems to be uninterested. Woman may feel just that when they keep on talking without a single word from you. It doesn’t require much though. You can break the ice by talking about your favorite movie or band, and who knows, maybe you both have the same taste. Don’t be shy. Remember, confidence is what makes a man attractive.

Don’t Miss Out On All The Verbal Cues!

If a girl touches your hand during a date, do you run away to the ends of the earth never to be seen again? Definitely not! It doesn’t mean she wants to cut off your hand; it may just be a romantic act. Try to read her gestures. If she keeps on touching your hand, it means she feels comfortable with you and that you could touch her hand. If a girl however, crosses her arms whenever you talk about a certain topic, she may be offended by it and that you shouldn’t talk about it again or at least tone it down. Her gestures are your ticket to understanding what makes your actions likable or not.

Towards your first date, you should now identify what is sufficed for your date and what goes overboard. If you avoid these beginner mistakes in dating, there is a high chance that you will get a second one. So keep some of your tricks up your sleeve. Try to awe your girl one date at a time.