The Pros and Cons of Office Romance | WOW Date

Office romance is still a debatable topic nowadays. It confuses many as how and why would you fall in love with someone from work. They ask themselves, “Out of all the fish in the sea, why did I end up with them?” Well, it just so happens that they see that “fish” every day. It’s hard not to fall in love with them. Though it’s considered as very charming to see people together all the time, it may be consequential when it interferes with your work. Together with a couple of people who have had previous experience with office romance, WOW Date have come up with the pros and cons of this kind of relationship.



Since you both work together, chances are, you both experience the same thing every day. Whether it the snotty lunch lady or the annoying copy boy, you both got something to talk about. This is also a very great way to start your relationship. And if you’re both career driven, you can also talk about ideas regarding improving work. It enhances both the communication of your relationship as well as your career. It’s a long shot, but you can even talk about taking the company for yourselves!


Because who doesn’t like saving gas money? If you both work in the same company, you guys can just share a ride. Since you basically drive to the same place every day, you might as well share the ride since it would also allow the both of you to talk. Instead of spending gas money on different cars, you guys can save up the money and use it for date nights or to travel together. Also, if you pick up your partner every day, it would surely make their day by leaving notes or chocolates on the dashboard whenever they carpool.


Especially in a new relationship, seeing someone every chance you can is important. What’s better is that if you guys work together, you can easily make every day special. Since you’re together, you can go out to lunch during lunch break and make it a date. Even having the same elevator ride can be romantic at times (cue in sweet elevator music.) And, for those who like a little action their way, there’s always a few spots in the office for a quickie. Not that we encourage it though, just make sure you don’t get caught!



It’s a dog eat dog world out there and the office is no less safe for competition. It’s good that you and your partner work in the same company; it gives you the edge and motivation to work better. Nothing’s wrong with a little competition going on. It keeps you on track and makes sure that you work harder than anyone. However, when you’re both in the same level or department, it can be a hard pill to swallow when your partner gets promoted and you don’t. Just don’t take it too personally and assert dominance at your home. Remember your work-life balance.


It’s not technically illegal, but it’s still not widely acceptable. Your boss is the first one who would object to the relationship. Because of the fact that you work together, you may give your significant other a better treatment different from your co-workers. Also, the boss surely has an idea whenever you go “copy” contracts in the copy room the same time your partner does- everyday. This will most likely lead to a shift in department or worse, one of you can be laid off.


Sure, it’s fun at first. You see them every day and you spend every moment with them. But it gets dull. You see your partner at work, you drive together, and you sleep with them. 24/7. For other couples, those who wish to cuddle every second of their relationship, it’s a dream come true. But when you date a co-worker, it gets extremely annoying when you don’t have time for yourself. Instead of chatting up with the guys at work about ye old manly talk, your girlfriend pulls you into her cubicle to constantly talk about the personality quiz she just answered. However, most guys need their space. And dating your co-worker would make it really difficult to find time for yourself.