Sensitive Is the New Macho: Why Girls Like Vulnerable Men | WOW Date

When we think men, we pop culture fixtures such as Rambo or James Bond. These guys are the epitome of what men are supposed to be-silent, emotionless, and drop dead, manly. However, it might be time to reconsider the whole being silent and stoic character- especially if girls find it too boring. Though girls love men with an air of mystery, they also like men who would express their emotions since it’s a clear sign that they trust the woman. Here are a few simple reasons why girls find sensitive men the new kind of macho.

They Need to Feel You

It seems as though that man has been programmed to either not feel any emotion at all or constantly lie about their feelings. Girls want to feel you be happy or upset rather than act strong all the time. Men cannot help it since we had pre-empted every opportunity we can to hide their true feelings. However, woman doesn’t want that. They want you to feel things- you’re own and theirs- and that you should not hide it. Imagine a woman crying and all you can do is stare at her point blank rather than confront her. It wouldn’t make much sense in a relationship if you do just that.

They Want You to Share

Instead of coming home and have a cold one, they want you to talk. Women like to share their emotions with you and in return, they want you to talk about yours. It’s one of the most difficult things a man can do but according to women, it is a necessity. They find it important that we invest emotions and feelings in a relationship since it improves the relationship. But, knowing that you are emotionally capable of handling a relationship is not enough. You need to express it- anger, frustration, happiness, depression, excitement. You are not a well-oiled machine designed to work 8 hours a day then go home and shut down, you are their partner that must share warmth and affection.


We’re not talking about bawling 24/7 though. Crying, as a man, can be one of the rarest occurrences in history. It’s not that they don’t cry they just don’t show it too often. If a woman sees a guy cry in front of them, it makes them realize how important they are in order for man to express his emotions. At these times, men also express that they are also capable of breaking down, of not handling everything all al once. It is a stepping stone towards a relationship where you are both comfortable at handling your worst moments.

They Also Love Your “Good Emotions”

Not every emotion needs to be about frustration or anger. Often times, it can be a positive one that rejoices your feelings with relief, happiness and joy. Woman finds it sexy for a man to be emotional, but they appreciate it to see you happy. This just goes to show that you are not always in a bad mood whenever you’re together, it expresses that as a couple, you both find time to become happy with each other. Lastly, if you could be open about how much you love her, it would be one of the greatest pleasures a woman can have. They’ll feel secure because you are there, emotionally invested, and ready to take on the world with her.