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The free dating site that offers serious competition against its paid counterparts- with it’s user friendly interface, credibility, and immense popularity- OkCupid proves well in our review…

One of the few free sites that offers the same features as the paid ones. It doesn’t do too badly either. Popular in both the US and UK, OkCupid has the potential to become immensely popular worldwide.


While most free dating sites offer generic profiles- not to mention fake ones- OkCupid is one you shouldn’t categorize with the former. Free dating sites prove to be quite dodgy, full of fake accounts and desperate people. OkCupid stands out as a free dating site that consists of real profiles similar to reliable paid dating sites, most of the time even better. As one of the most popular free dating sites, they are open to people of all orientation, even friendlier than some dating sites.

Creating your profile may take a while since you’ll be taking in to a more developed process. Profile creation will be composed of well-thought out questions that that will make up your profile. Similar to many paid sites, they have a compatibility feature that will be based on the questions you’ve selected for the others to answer.

By answering questions, you create a more accurate profile. And the more questions you answer, the higher your chance of creating your most accurate description of yourself. Questions may vary from political questions up to personal preferences and even to abstract matters. There is also an option that you can select the questions you’ve answered and make potential partners answer the same one too. Later, you can then naturally view the answers that others have made unless they chose it to be private, which is also an option.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of questions on OkCupid. Though it’s not necessary to answer all of them, it’s highly recommended. You can also answer a number of questions immediately then come back later and answer more.


Apart from the questions you have to answer initially, there are also conventional parts of profile-filling that must be done such as what is your appearance, level of education, who you really are, etc. You can write longer descriptions of yourself and we highly encourage this for you to stand out and have a higher chance of meeting someone you’re compatible with. Remember though that you don’t need to write essay-like or funny descriptions- just keep in mind that whatever you write must be true and that it jives perfectly with who you really are. Are you the type to snuggle up in the sofa? Right that down. Like to hang out with your friends? Check that right up. Though it’s not a necessity to write that down since most people in online dating sites are aware of your characteristics, it’s how you deliver that message to them that makes it appealing. Be original and say something unique that’ll make you stand out a cut above the rest.

Once you’re profile is complete and you’ve started browsing other profiles, you’ll find it that their profiles are actually informative. there is a summary in the little box close to their picture that will indicate how closely you’ve matched, how often they reply to messages, whether they are online or not, and of course, you get the important details such as location, sex, and age as well. When you click on their profile, you can then scroll down to find all of their other details and preferences.

Atop their profile page you can see their other photos, the comparison of how your compatibility questions have match, and how different their personality is as compared to those of similar age to her/him. There is an option where you can favorite their profile or make yours hidden from them. A bonus feature on the website is that, right next to their profile, you can see a list of

similar profiles/users. This will provide you with plenty of options while saving you time in doing/filtering the searches all over again.


After completing your profile, now comes the fun part- searching. When searching, you’ll have several options. First, you can search with the option of searching through basic information such as; sex, locations, online status, ages, relationship status, and photos. Another, a more advanced search, is by searching based on their looks or personality. Doing advanced search requires that you purchase the paid version of OKCupid but we don’t see the need for it as the basic search is very comprehensive and delivers great results as well. Results from the basic search can be considered as high quality- there were a number of profiles that appeared and some of them were not generic and very credible, unlike what most free sites offer. The profiles that came back were nevertheless attractive ones, thoughtful, and honest people. Maybe their issue was just they weren’t willing to make a financial commitment to a dating site which opted them to try out the free OKCupid.

Also, similar to Tinder, OKCupid offers a quickmatch option where you can mark the profile of someone you’re interested in based on their profile and photo. In turn, they’ll get notified of your ‘mark’ and they can either ignore you or you can get in touch if they liked you back. A lot of dating sites are doing their own version of this quickmatch feature since it’s an easier and quicker way of potentially meeting someone without having to read an entire profile.

Of course, whenever you visit someone’s profile, they can see that you’ve checked their profile and you can also see who’s viewed yours. Alternatively, you can turn this feature off, but then you won’t be able to see who visited your own profile, that is unless you’re a paying member. Paying members of OKCupid can choose to see who’s viewed their profiles without leaving a trail on who’s profile they’ve viewed.

OKCupid, to simplify, works. It’s a well-designed, clutter free, website that bodes well for those who are new to dating sites.


There is a mobile browser version of OKCupid as well as an app for iPhone and Android smartphones. You can also connect to your Instagram and Facebook from OKCupid so you can easily import photos easily.


Lastly, a moment to talk about the OKCupid’s paid option. We’ve already established the idea that as the online dating scene goes, OKCupid is a great site especially among the free ones. However, purchasing the paid version can give you extra features in addition to their excellent free version. Aside from browsing profiles incognito and the option to advance search, you can also see a list of people who’ve rated you either with a five or four star. You can also change your username, see how recent other users have updated their photo, store up to 300 messages, and get message read receipts. Of course, if you’re willing to go the extra mile for these features, you can. For us, not so much- the free site does enough.


If you’re serious and ready to commit to the whole online dating site, more or less you’re ready to pay. You can subscribe to Match.com or eHarmony instead- especially if you’re in it for the long haul. Why? Well, though we’ve found people looking for relationships on OKCupid, those on paid dating sites are more likely to look for a SERIOUS relationship rather than a casual hookup. Those who invest money makes them more focus on finding someone!


  • User-friendly site with different effective and reliable features. And of course, it’s free.
  • And even though it’s a free site, there are, of course, features you need to pay in order to use.


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