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Soulmates, oh, how we long to find them. In addition to chemistry and physical attraction, mental understanding with your significant other is essential for a happier and better relationship. When both of you share the same traits, values, and outlook in life, relationships form an unending bond.

If these are your relationship goals, then may as well be the site ideal for you to find that someone.


Right off the bat, like any other dating site out there, MatchAffinity requires you to take their comprehensive Affinity Questionnaire. It’s their unique psychometric test that that means you’re in to answer all kinds of questions. Ranging from your character traits up to more obscure questions, like choosing different pictures or images to represent your feelings, you’ll need to answer these in order to continue with creating your profile.

Ideally, you need to set around 15-30 minutes for your initial personality test upon signing up. The questions that’ll be posed upon are interesting and easy to answer questions. With that, there’s no need, really, to rack your brains for answers. However, though quirky as they seem, they weren’t made up by someone bored during lunch- according to matchaffinity, the questions had been put together by a group of psychologists that specializes in psychometrics and the dynamics of relationships among humans.

Covering at least 71 different psychological criteria, you’ll need to answer more than a hundred questions. The area of the questions range from the values of life to fundamental values of yourself. Moreover, you’ll also receive a comprehensive personality report. All of the reports are stored within their database that allows them to compare it with other users, which they can then use to match you to others based on your outlook in life, your values, or even your unique personality traits. So basically, by taking the comprehensive questionnaire the system gives you a percentage of your similarity with other members of the site.

This helps you screen the members that the site may find similar to you in their way of thinking before the two of you contact each other. This way, you won’t match with unpleasant surprises like a sexy girl or a cute guy that turns out to just be a pretty face that doesn’t match your intellectual preferences. Looks are important, no doubt, but relationships cannot be based on them alone. One of the main reasons why you joined the site is to find people that are worth your time and will add value to your life. Wasting time on people that offers no improvement to your lives may just be a lost cause.

The one thing that you have to keep in mind though- Matchaffinity can be very expensive! Especially if you’re only thinking of applying for just a month, the real discounts come when you get the six and twelve month subscriptions.


By taking the compatibility test, creating your profile becomes much easier. Your characteristics that appear on your profile can become test questions so that’s already have the work done for you. Also, it allows you to compare profiles which make it less important that you come up with such witty intros for your profile. If you do prefer to put pen to paper and make words work for you, the option is still there. However for those struggling to come up with informative, original, cool, and funny introductions- this can really help you out.

One important thing to know though is that even if you upload a photo of yourself, you have the option to not make it visible to everyone. You have the option whether to show a blurry image or to release it to a select number of people who seem really interested in you. This works both ways though; if you can blur your images, others can also choose to make their photos invisible to you, too.

The search functionality of matchaffinity is similar to; having offered a range of features, while retaining some of the matching compatibility it’s other counterpart, eHarmony. This combined approach gives you more control over the matches you can see and provides great accurate results.

Though the system is as effective as it can be, what it provides in general is just a long list of names with occupations, ages, and a few details attached. The hard part is for someone to actually stand out and catch your eye. You can do some of the work to find the right person for you as you can’t rely on the system alone.


Unlike most dating sites that offer the “wink” or “winking” on other profiles, matchaffinity just doesn’t have that. You can, however, add anyone you like to your favorite list and they’d be notified of that action. Alternatively, you can also stop other profiles from appearing on your suggested list, more commonly known as “blocking.”

However, if you do manage to find someone in particular that really catches your eye, you must make an effort and send them an email. Or, if luck favors you, keep your fingers crossed that they will pick your profile out of the others that have viewed their profiles and actually make the first move of introducing themselves. (Don’ t look like a stalker: the site shows how much members have viewed their profile.)

Extras are not very much considerable at matchaffinity. There is no option for chat or video messaging. Their compatibility test is pretty much the life-blood of their whole site. They do offer a dating advice section that’s just chuck-full of generic dating articles and tips about dating.


Every user- regardless if they’re a paying member or not- can take the matchaffinity test and view their personality reports. Everyone also gets their own suggested list of matches with reports and compatibility scores. One thing that’s present in the free version of matchaffinity, which some free sites does not offer, is the chance to send a first message to a member of the site. But to properly write to other members and read their messages, you must become a paying member. Another downside to the free member is that they can’t see other profiles’ photo- even if the photos are made public- unless they are a paying member. Paying member, for one, is somewhat a must since you can’t see what the site’s got to fully offer.


  • Not only is the Affinity Questionnaire fun to take, it’s also a comprehensive way of helping you complete your profile.
  • Not being able to see the photos is a complete knock-off of the free site. What’s more is that you must also be granted permission, by the user, before you’re allowed to see their photos.

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