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Catering mainly to single professionals, their fresh approach has a growing potential with a growing popularity among city folks. mainly focuses on people living in urban areas and big cities. Their goal is to help professionals who are busy with their career find love awaiting them nearby. In just over a year, they had made a huge transformation. Previously, it was only available to those living in four of the biggest cities in the UK. Also back then, they used to cater only to working professionals. As they’ve made the leap into the change, the site is truly blooming and has been garnering more audience.

It’s perfect for anyone single around UK who would prefer a local dating site instead of a gigantic dating website that caters to the whole world. But unfortunately, Lovestruck has been through much change that they’ve lost quite a bit of their magic and uniqueness. Back then they have this approach titled ‘lunch date’ where basically, you can find anyone nearby finding someone to have lunch with. It helps alleviate the pressure of dating but unfortunately it has been removed.

But still, we’re fairly sure that whatever purpose they have to remove it, we know for sure that it was done to improve the website. We’re pretty sure about it since they are now more popular than ever. They’ve removed some functionality that had previously been part of the site but had added more features apparent on most dating sites. Since they’ve added much more features from different sites, it’s become a melting pot of features that caters to a broader audience rather than a specific one.


Like most convenient dating sites, signing up on Lovestruck is fairly easy. Signing up doesn’t require you to write long sentences describing yourself before you’re allowed to look for other members. Basically, you just come up with a username and password, specify your gender of preferences (Lovestruck also caters to the gays and lesbians,) specify your location and your work, and you’re good to go.

After that, you can immediately start browsing profiles of other members. You can also see what their current offer is and how other users have created their profiles.

Or, this is a much preferred method, you can start building your own profile on your own. Needless to say, this will increase your chance of finding someone whom you can get along with. Who knows, you might find sparks with someone on your first day on Lovestruck if you play your cards right.


Another great thing you can do is have a little taste of everything before you let your profile do the talking for you. Try to experiment with your profile and see which of which will land you a date. Some profiles on Lovestruck are big, some are compact. There are lots of boxes to tick and a large space for you to write whatever it is you’d want to see on your profile. It’s not a requirement, though. But if you’re someone who prefers to keep their profile organized, together with a long essay-like description of you, then give it a whirl.

Writing and coming up with words that best describes you is the hardest part of creating a profile on most dating sites. Most people try to sound funny and witty yet at the same time try to remain true to their personality. Others are tempted into writing: if you’d want to know more about me, then just ask! We strongly advise you not to write along these lines. We’re pretty sure that there are a thousand profiles out there with the same gimmick. And we’re even more sure that if you write like that, no one will be interested in ‘asking more’ since they’ve come across that line over a thousand times already. Say something about yourself and make yourself sellable in a subtle way. Remember that online dating relies on who finds interest in you the moment they read your first line.

One thing we have to warn though is that Lovestruck is very strict with the profiles being created. They proofread new members carefully and if you want to be a part of the site, you must adhere to their rules. Before you go live, you must first pass their verification process. Though it may seem annoying, it all works out well in the end since you’ll enjoy a site free from scammers and cheaters. Don’t worry, you won’t need to submit valid ID’s to get verified. They can verify you through either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Other members can also see your other social accounts once you’ve been verified by the site. Though it’s not a total assurance that their identity is true, but in this modern world that’s how close you can get.

Obviously people would want to see what you look like so you have the option of uploading a photo of yourself. We strongly suggest that you do this immediately after signing up on Lovestruck. If you’re a paying member, you add and view multiple photos as well. If you don’t want others to see more of your photos, there is an option of hiding them except for the one’s in your favorite list. Got a photo of yourself on Facebook that you like? You can add it to Lovestruck with just one button!

You can also select the option of hiding your ‘narrative’ profile description and other photos except for those you’ve ‘favorited.’


Like we’ve said, Lovestruck comes jam-packed with photos, information, figures, facts- the whole nine yards- that is, if the members fill out their information completely. But drawing from our own experience, not many users find the time (or even want) to tick all of the boxes completely. One thing missing from Lovestruck as compared to most dating sites is that they don’t have a compatibility rating. They don’t offer the option of finding out how perfect you are for the significant other. Though this may seem troubling since most dating sites offer this feature, there isn’t a sure-fire way of knowing if you’ll find your true love based on a rating.

Some new features have been released in Lovestruck recently: Date Ideas and Events. For Date Ideas, one can write their own idea or choose from a huge list in the website, and then add it to their profile. The latter is their own endeavor to get people to meet and date in the real world as opposed to the online dating scene. They’ll regularly host events for Lovestruck members that they can attend for free.

To be honest, we’re not at all thrilled about the design of the website. They’ve managed to cram up a lot of the details into a single page. Navigating through the site with that much content seems to be difficult, in addition to that, they’ve also place the ‘date ideas’ and ‘events’ feature on the same page. However these additions seem to improve the functionality of the site so we’re not quibbling too much about it.

If you’re a paid member, you have the option of going ‘incognito’ on the dating site. What you can do is browse through countless profiles, visiting them as often as you like ,without leaving any trace of your visit whatsoever. This is perfect if you frequent a profile you like but don’t have the guts to approach them just yet, but like to stalk them enough without looking like a creep. Since we’re looking for people there, we’re always tempted to check out their profile several times a day. Oh, and there’s also another option to remove data of when you were last online.

A mobile version of Lovestruck is available for Apple and Android devices.


Getting in touch with those you’re interested in is fairly easy. Like most dating sites, you have the option of either winking or sending an email. That’s it. Simple enough for anyone, be it a newbie or veteran in online dating. They don’t offer instant messaging or complicated systems of talking. Some of the Lovestruck city sites offer free messaging for the unpaid members, but in bigger cities like London, you have to pay for it.


Prices vary from city to city. Obviously those in the bigger cities pay more. For example, users in Edinburgh may pay for one month for only £19 while those in London pay £39.

Members of Lovestruck, similar to most dating sites on the Internet, can send and receive unlimited messages, it’s nothing new. It’s a way for them to reel in more users with that offer. However, free members on Lovestruck aren’t able to view photo albums. Though they are allowed to see one photo, they can’t see the whole album.

Paying members can enjoy the extra features such as viewing other profiles sneakily and hiding their own status. They are also allowed to boost or hide their profile in the search option. What’s more is that paying members of Lovestruck can get discounted entries for the site’s events or any affiliated event.


If you’re a bit patriotic who would like to support businesses in the UK, even if it is by means of online dating, we encourage you to try Lovestruck. Not only is it designed and catered specifically to the UK, it is also a fun and creative way to meet lots of people. With their large active number of members and lots of features on the site, it’s a must try for any UK citizen. Though it’s not the cheapest dating site around, it’s one of the best tested dating sites on the UK since aren’t much fake or scammer account.


  • Dating site with a great potential and growing popularity. Primarily focused on the UK. Scammers and cheaters are at minimal.
  • Does not have much originality. They’ve copied ideas from most sites so the site is chuck-full of different features.

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