Long-term Relationship Highlights | WOW Date

Mission Accomplished

After months of searching, browsing through pages and pages of women/men, and occasionally feeling that you’re wasting your time and that you will never find “the one” (you’ve apparently watched too many romantic comedies if that really is the case; seriously, get a grip), Lady Luck has finally smiled upon you. At last, you’ve managed to find a wonderful girl who shares so many of your interests, and who is also as attracted to you as you are to her. In a few dates, everything happens just as you had imagined it all those lonely nights and before you know it, you’re in a relationship. That’s it, right? Mission accomplished? They lived happily ever after. Oh, silly you. If only it were that easy. The adventure has only just begun. It’s like you’ve watched the first 20 minutes of a trilogy, so don’t be so hasty into calling it a success. If you want to make this relationship work, you have to work on it. No, the mission is not accomplished. In fact, congratulations on finishing the easy part, but now the real challenge begins, so keep your eyes opened and maybe you won’t screw it up.

What now, then?

Realizing that we’re right, you look at your screen in the hopes that we’ll give you the answer to the question above. Hey, don’t worry, of course we will. That’s why we’re her. Relationships are sort of fragile and you can never be sure what will be the breaking point. You may think that you know what to do – simply change some of your habits that annoy women in sitcoms; put down the toilet seat when she visits (or all the time if you move in together, in which case congratulations on making it this far); maybe learn how to cook a few things and you’ll be fine. How hard can it be? But that’s the thing – it is a lot harder than that, so forget about every romantic comedy and every sitcom you’ve seen because this is real life and if you think even for a second that the expectations shows and movies create are real, then you’re going to have a bad time. Real-life relationships require work and things will not sort themselves out if you are “right for each other.” One of the things that you need to keep special attention to important dates.

Why are Important Dates “Important”?

You see, in our experience many women have a special mental calendar and tend to remember all sorts of dates. This is almost like a super-power of theirs and we’re not yet sure how they do it, or why, but we know that they get very angry when you don’t do it. If you often forget, she starts to think that you don’t care enough about her and that leads to an avalanche of problems. Lucky for you, in this day and age it’s really easy to remember everything by employing the use of the legendary calendar programs or apps. Seriously, this is one of the most awesome things about owning a smartphone – you can always plan your schedule ahead of time. You can set reminders and make sure that you never forget the anniversary, of your first kiss or the beginning of your relationship, or anything else she considers important. This is not something minor and will definitely benefit you tremendously if you show that much attention to detail. In the very least, it will make her happy. That’s what you want, right?

Special Occasions

There are important dates, and then there are special occasions you need to be aware of. We’re talking about things like holidays and other celebrations that might be important to her. Some of them might require gifts, and some might not but at any rate you have to be prepared and show her that these occasions matter to you because they matter to her. They might be based on religion (if she is of a different, you have to do your homework), personal preference, national holidays (if she is of a different nationality, you guessed it – homework), or family tradition but at any rate, if they are important to her, then they have to be important to you, too. Make sure that you are aware of these occasions. Trust us, it matters. You can thank us later. Ultimately, if you show a bit of attention to detail, it will make her happy, and in return she will do everything she can to make you happy. Still, don’t think that you’re done after that. You have to work on your relationship every day but the reward is worth it in the end. We wish you the best of luck.