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By taking initiative in finding compatible matches base on your profile, eHarmony delivers accurate results that may end up to be your future partners in life. Read on below to see how eHarmony fares this 2015.


Elite Singles

Rating: ★★★★

A pure European website that has huge number of active and valid members. Though the price is a bit on higher end, is best alternative.

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Free Trial: Yes

Price: ££

Rank: #1

Rating: 9.8 / 10

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Guardian Soulmates

Rating: ★★★★★

Guardian Soulmates is one of the most prestigious online dating websites in UK with thousands of active members.

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Free Trial: Yes

Price: ££

Rank: #2

Rating: 9.2 / 10

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Rating: ★★★★★

eHarmony provides compatible matches based on the questionnaire you filled at time of signing up. Read our in-depth review to learn more.

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Free Trial: Yes

Price: ££

Rank: #3

Rating: 9 / 10

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eHarmony is a dating site that pre-screen compatible matches for you. This way, you’ll save time and energy going through a number of profiles. The site also promises to deliver compatible matches and singles to you while keeping all the hustle of trawling through profiles minimal. Everyday eHarmony sends you a number of profiles that awaits nothing but your approval. The downside to this is that you are unable to search on your own. Since they are the one providing you with matches, you are limited to those only they present to you. Try if you’re into that kind of environment. eHarmony is a free to register website but you have to pay in order to view your matches, very similar to other websites.


Right off the bat we must tell you about their amazing offer: 12 months of eHarmony’s connect for just £5.95 a month. It’s easily one of the best offers we’ve seen from eHarmony. However please do take into account the rest of the review before deciding whether or not eHarmony will suite your online dating needs.


Ideally, signing up for eHarmony usually takes half an hour so you should set aside that said amount in order to complete the process. Now, this may sound like a tiring and boring process, but believe us, it’s actually quite fun to think about your own personalities and how you’ll be selling yourself through this. Be honest and your profile will show what kind of person you are and what matters most to you.

So far, eHarmony is one of the most in-depth dating sites when it comes to profile creation. They are detailed as well as beautifully designed. Also, after you’ve created your profile through their creation process, you’ll be able to see your very own ‘The Book of You.’ It is an illustrated virtual book that will feature all the summaries of your personality and profile. Its features includes your strengths as well as your weaknesses. This handy little feature allows other members to see interesting things about you.

Choosing to upgrade to eHarmony’s Total Connect Plan will give you a more detailed analysis of your profile.


First off: wow. Creating a profile on eHarmony is by far one of the best that most dating sites can offer today. Their concept, design, as well as user interface had been given much thought. Competing dating sites can learn a thing or two from eHarmony so long as they don’t infringe any copyrighted material. One thing is that it’s not at all a boring process: it’s not those typical box-ticking, drop-down, questionnaire filled process. The design is very intuitive yet simple at the same time. This way, your profile is created with accuracy and imagination, which also allows others to be given insight on what kind of person you truly are.

As said earlier, when you are a paying member of eHarmony, you get to avail the Total Connect Plan. The plan gives you the chance to create your profile with more details that others can see. This gives you a better insight of the needs and wants that you may input into your profile, thus increasing the chances of others considering you as their potential date.

One great thing about the profile-creating is that it’s not text heavy. You won’t get bored because the user-interface and design will truly engage you in creating a profile. By creating a profile at eHarmony, initially you have to answer different questions. Don’t worry, these questions does not require much thought as it will be mostly about yourself. For example, you’ll be asked what kinds of pets you want, favorite food, political views, and anything in between those. By answering these questions, you let others know what you like to do and what you will have in common. How you celebrate Saturday night or what kind of pizza you’re both into; these can all be part of the questions! Recently eHarmony introduced a special set of questions where you can answer a bunch of questions with a set of answers you can choose from. Aside from that, you may also explain your answers. Some questions are more serious (What do you think of abortion?) and others may be just trivial (If you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?). You don’t necessarily need to answer all of them, but the more you answer, the higher the chance of finding a date.


Unlike most dating sites, eHarmony does not allow you to search like those of regular sites. In fact, you are not allowed to see all the profiles of other members on eHarmony. Instead, eHarmony finds matches that suits your wants and needs base on your profile and then places them on your Matches page. Then, you can easily see the profile they presented and will have the decision to either communicate further with them or not.

However, even though the matches they’ll present to you will be based on your profile expectations, you will still receive a variety of matches. Most of them will still be similar to those of your expectations but may be different in some characteristics one way or another. To determine what your deal breakers are, it’s best to mark it in your preferences. eHarmony will give that a priority when searching a date for you. Again, we suggest that you remain open minded. If you’re looking into finding a lot of potential dates, try to clear out your preferences so matches will not be restricted to a certain criteria.

If you’re a non-drinker, most likely you’d want someone similar to this. So be sure to check your settings and set ‘drinker’ to never and very important. This way, you won’t get match with the drinkers if you are not willing to entertain them even though you are a suitable match.

Once you’ve seen someone who piqued your interest, there are several methods you can communicate with them. You can ‘Send a Smile’ which is basically a straightforward notification sent to the significant other. The next option is ‘Quick Questions’-this is the icebreaker. First, you get a bunch of questions provided by eHarmony as well as pre-selected answers you can choose from. You can then send this to the other person, but both of you are required to answer the same set of questions. After they’ve finished your questions, it’s their turn to send you theirs. Then, you can send each other ‘Makes or Breaks’- which basically lets the both of you know what kinds of traits you both consider as important. After that, you can then send the option of ‘Dig Deeper’ which allows you to send them three questions of your own.

Though it may seems delimiting since you’re not allowed to do the searching on your own, it’s a good way if you don’t want to waste time trawling through hundreds of profiles only to find out their a bit short when communicating to you. Of course, if you’re the confident type and don’t want all these gimmicks and ice-breakers, you can immediately send them an e-mail and strike up a conversation.

Finding potential matches on eHarmony may be delimiting since your options are pretty low, there is an alternative solution you can use. You can adjust your preferences and match search settings accordingly so you’ll find more matches, though some will not entirely suit your criteria.


Recently eHarmony has introduced the ‘What If’ feature. The feature allows eHarmony to introduce new matches to you that is compatible with you but might be outside your current setting. It’s either the person misses a few of your desired criteria or they might be living farther away from you. Put simply, the feature lets you know of other matches if some of your options aren’t met then.

As we all know, eHarmony operates internationally. This allows them to give you options that may be suitable for you, yet lives thousands of miles away. Again, we advise that you remain open minded. Maybe your true love does live a thousand miles away from you, but are you willing to try that long distance relationship? But if you don’t want eHarmony to send you matches from around the world, close the other search options and just focus on your own local area.

eHarmony does not offer much extra features beside the above mentioned though. ‘Secure Call’ is a feature available only through those with the Total Plan. It allows them to talk to their match on the phone without revealing their number. The great thing is, it has no long distance charges so it’s convenient for those with long distance matches that have a good thing going.

Like most dating sites, eHarmony also has their own mobile app. This is a free to use for all subscribers regardless if they are on the Total Plan or not. You can pretty much do everything you can on the website but only on a smaller screen. It has been redesigned to offer a better and more lively experience. It’s currently available to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


It’s not very recommended to those who prefer free sites. Though you can create a profile, receive matches, and review other profiles- you’re not allowed to see their photos. Also, you can send messages, questions, smiles, but you can’t read their messages since you need to be a paid member first before you’re allowed to do this.


  • Suitable for those who are serious about online dating but does not want to waste time trying to find matches on their own.
  • Not recommended to those who want to do the searching on their own.

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