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Their whole new fun approach to online dating is not limited to computers. But with their years in the UK industry, they seem to still be centered along the areas of London. Read on more below for our review of the dating site DoingSomething.

We’ve come past the time when dating sites were just dating sites and that’s it. Today, there are countless websites in the market offering the same service- helping people find their perfect love. With their growing number today, it may seem that they have a positive effect on us- undoubtedly increasing the chances of finding our true love- but together with that, it’s also a problem since we’ve got more people to choose from. Together with the thousands of profiles on the internet and massive number of dating sites growing day to day, it’s hard to find the one we’ll fit perfectly with.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve come to help you by analyzing websites that’ll provide you with a service that is not only reliable, but also very efficient and convenient. DoingSomething is a wonderful example of this kind of service. It gives you a number of choices without seeming too overwhelming. We’ve come across countless websites and this one is remarkable. Though it can be explored in a short span of time, it’s still one website that makes us come back.


The sign up process on DoingSomething is by far one of the simplest yet most creative ways to create a profile. You don’t need to rack up your brain trying to think up of words that will show how great you are. You don’t even need to tell them about yourself! The process only requires you to choose a username, place an idea of something you would want to do on a date (you can choose on their preset ideas or create your own!), then upload a photo and you’re ready to meet people!

After you’ve created your profile, you’ll have the option to place a few questions on your profile that others can answer. However, contrary to what other websites are usually doing, it’s not a must on the website. We doubt that other members will actually take a look at your profile after they’ve seen a photo and a quick summary of your profile. The idea of putting this additional stuff of your profile in so you’ll find like-minded people that you’d want to date. We do encourage that you don’t limit yourself to only placing a dating idea on your profile. Try to place in a few sentences about yourself so others would see what kind of person they’ll be spending your awesome idea with. It helps your chances of getting someone as well as give them an idea whether you’d also be interesting to them or not. But still, you can skip that part for now, just make sure that your date idea is fun and unique. You are also allowed to look at other member’s date ideas so you’ll have an idea of what to write on your own. DoingSomething even lets you ‘steal’ their ideas together with a bunch of freebies included.

Questions on the website are not normal, we warn you- some are funny, some are strange- the challenge here is trying to answer them with much ingenuity as you can. You can try to answer with much enthusiasm or wit as you want. But like we’ve said, there’s no obligation to answer every question, you can leave some unanswered. The important thing to remember is to try to come up with an original date idea.


Searching for a date on DoingSomething can be done in two different ways: search for people or search for date ideas. The unique way about it is that it doesn’t have to be a classical type of date. You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant or see a movie, there are countless date ideas you can try! From ice skating to even roller disco, you can just look up the date ideas available, place them on your profile, and you’ll most likely find someone interested in doing the same thing. You can also search for a date idea, click the profile of those who would like to do that, and then send them a message. What’s even better is that it can be done through groups. You don’t have to panic or be nervous about inviting just a single person. This takes the pressure of dating on an intimate level.

The whole idea behind the dating site is to make it painless and fun. You can be comfortable in dating because you don’t have to stare each other all night making googley-eyes, you can stare at each other while bungee jumping if you want! With some kind of activity you’ll both do, you’ll not only end up having a great first date, you’ll also have an adventure you can reminiscence if you hit it off.

Another great thing that you can do is that it’s not only intended for finding dates. If you ever wanted to do something yet can’t find anyone to do it with, apparently it’s a great site to find friends to do adventures with! Currently, the site is available to London users only however they are in the process of adding other cities soon.

About finding matches, you can be over enthusiastic about it. The site only offers two options in the filter search; gender and age. Location filter is not available so there is a chance you’ll match with someone outside of your local area. However we are sure that there are a number of people using DoingSomething that are from outside of London, but it’s fairly difficult for you to specifically search for them since there is no postcode search.


Other member will see that you’ve checked out their profile. Another is that you can like their dating ideas by clicking a button on their profile. You don’t need to send them a message, you can subtly let them know you’re into them by simply liking their idea. If you like someone’s idea yet you don’t feel synced with the profile behind it, don’t worry! The site offers you to find other members who have a similar dating idea.


What the site offers is appealing to those who feel that traditional online dating has become boring. Maybe you found it to be static and you’d want something adventurous out of it; maybe you need that ‘push’ to help you with online dating. After all, trusting someone you’ve met online, most of the time, we’re inclined to not pursue them. We’re pretty sure that there are hundreds of people out there who have found online dating boring- try this out and we guarantee you will enjoy it on another scale.

If you’re living in London, we highly suggest that you try this site. You won’t be invited to a traditional date, instead you’ll be going out and doing stuff with your date. There is a high chance that you’ll enjoy your date and a higher possibility that you’ll find the love of your life here!

But if you’re not from London, we recommend that you give this site a break. There’s not much you can do if you’re in Birmingham or Glasgow since you the people you’ll meet will meet and do stuff in London.


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  • Simple yet ingenious way of meeting people and doing stuff together.
  • Centered around London, you also can’t search for people outside London.


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