Breaking the Ice: What to Talk About on the First Date | WOW Date

Congratulations! You’ve just landed yourself the first date and got out of the dreaded friend zone! With your machismo and charm, you’ve convinced a pretty lady to go on a date with you. But, what’s that? Do I hear crickets fill the silence?

Come on, man! This gorgeous woman/man is on a date and all you can think of saying is “Nice weather we’re having.” Read on for a couple of things to talk about rather than sip your wine awkwardly.


You can either start off by discussing yours or by asking hers. That should be an easy ice breaker since everybody has an interest! Even your 80 year old grandma finds time to read about new recipes to cook when you come over! Start a conversation about your hobbies. Tell her a thing or two about architecture, for example. Not only will this start things off, you’ll also let her know that you’re not just a couch potato who likes to play games all day- you actually know something! And who knows, she may be interested in architecture as well, and you’ll both end up sight-seeing the architectural magnificence of Paris. (Fingers crossed, dude!)


At one point in their life, they had definitely travelled. It doesn’t need to be an expensive European cruise; even a weekend out of town is surely considered a getaway. Or if your date is a bit shy on talking about her past adventures, tell her yours. Like once when you went away to Japan and got slapped by a woman because a couple of words got mixed up. Tell her funny stories like how you got slapped by a woman in Japan for mixing a couple of words or how you got lost in Amsterdam because you were too high. Girls love funny stories! And if you’re more inclined to a romantic note, tell her about the place itself. At the end, you might just get lucky for her to say, “Ooh. We should go there. Together.”

Coming of Age

Talk about how being an adult is like and when did they realize they are one. This topic can span thousands of stories. Ask them about the adventures they’ve had, the funny stories they’ve encountered, or the times when they’ve felt independent. Whether it’s about the first time they had sex or the first car they drove, it can be interesting as well as intimate. Since you’re both sharing personal experience, you are unfolding each other’s identity. It can also be a great way to find unexpected traits or experiences from your date.

Things NOT to Talk About

We’ve told you things to talk about that would surely make for great ice breakers. However, there are also some things to keep in mind that girls don’t want to hear. Like for example; you don’t tell a girl you love her on the first date! Are you Ted Mosby? Do you want to end up in your 40’s and still not married? Because, bro, that’s how you do it. Another is that; don’t go overly boastful about your previous arrest and felony charges. Yeah, it seems cool and all. But it wouldn’t be so appealing to know that you shanked your ex-wife, especially on your first date.