3 Awesome books to awe the girl of your dreams! | WOW Date

No girl in her right mind would settle for someone boring! The question is: would you be that dude? Imagine you’re with this girl you like; just the two of you, with a candle-lit dinner, with classical music playing behind. Suddenly, you go hurr-durr and can’t think of anything to say. Bam! Suddenly, the girl’s just isn’t into you anymore. Guys, ladies love smooth-talkers. Even more, they want guys who can dazzle them off their feet with a single line from a book- from a good book, that is. We recently conducted a poll for our library co-eds asking them for their recent pique in reading. They’ve provided us with these top 3 books that would surely make them go mad at the slightest sight of a guy reading it.

The Great Gatsby

Imagine dazzling the girl’s imagination with vivid images of an eccentric bachelor throwing parties every night for the sole intention of seeing the girl of his dreams. Seems a bit cuckoo, right? But, hey, girls love the idea! And if you read the book, you tell you’re girl the story behind it. Not only is this a great way to show you’re a smarty-pants, it also makes her fall in love with the idea how guys would do everything for their gals! It’s a must read for you if you really want to impress the girl of your dreams.

A Song of Ice and Fire (Series)

Also known as Game of Thrones who keep track of their TV shows, this book series is guaranteed to interest your girl. Intrigue, politics, mystery and love- what more can an intelligent person want? Since a guy tries to always impress her girl(we mean always,) try to watch this with her. Then, every once in a while, try to explain bits and pieces of the story that isn’t mentioned in the show but is written in the books. Chances are, you’re girl will end up asking more questions about the book. It’s going to give you a chance to impress your girl even more, and make her look up to you like her wise king Rob Stark.

The Book Thief

Now a motion picture, it gives you more reasons on why you should read the book. It follows the story of a young girl in World War II who must return a book to its original owner. The story’s tone is a bit ominous and dark, which makes it interest the audience even more. Reading the book will give you a big plus since not every detail in the book is put into picture. Together with your girl, dazzle the critics within yourselves as you both appreciate the movie and novel.

These books, though not guaranteed to make you rich or own a Ferrari, would surely awe your girl. So the next time you come over to her house, bring one of these. You can read it to her or you can read it together. Either way, you both win since you’ve got an amazing book together with an amazing partner.